Kate Withstandley

I am an artist and photographer working as marketing manager for an architecture firm. My primary interest is in capturing beautiful little details which people often miss.

What’s the most valuable advice anyone’s ever given you?
Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks



Kasia Parker


My art is heavily influenced by the post-industrial landscape, brutalist architecture and urban wastelands. There is a strange feeling of menacing beauty and anticipation about these places, suspended between their past and an unknown future that fascinates me. I am interested in the visual remembering of experiences that on reflection appear to have been moving, dramatic and poetic.

In my art practice I combine photography, digital manipulation and traditional printmaking techniques like intaglio, lithography and screen printing.


I spend most of my time thinking about…?

My children, art projects and books I’m currently reading.


Ruth Howard.

I have been Principal at the ‘What if…? Gallery’ in Dartford since its inception in 2006. 
It is an independent charity with a board of Trustees. Anne Graves and our band of volunteers strive to improve Arts in all sorts of ways in the area. We aim for inclusion of all community Groups and individual’s alike, and love to encourage Art as a pastime or therapy. 
What do you spend most of your time thinking about?
I am constantly in pursuit of improvement.




Mihaela Lovasz

I am a Romanian-born painter, I graduated from the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, culminating with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in the field of artistic painting. I like to paint, especially with oil colours and my works reflects feminism. 


What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

I think about how to spend my time, how to live my life in a creative way, try to enjoy my life because it’s short and time its passing really fast… So be smart, be beautiful, be happy!


Sue Holmes.


I love art and music. Music can reach most people, so I had a go! Enjoy crafts, composing and learning the guitar!

 What’s the most valuable advice anyone has ever given you? 

My dear dad always said “Try your best at everything you do and enjoy every day”


Julie Holmes

I graduated from Central St Martins in 1992 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting.

I am interested in human waste lands and dereliction.

I have been working on images inspired by my sketches and photographs of Greenhithe before its gentrification. I enjoy reading.

A quote that inspires you?
‘ The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. ‘  –  Pablo Picasso


Credits for the above image go to


Arts and Culture in Dartford