Dartford Arts Network (DAN) is an inclusive arts organisation engaging local artists and the wider community

  • Dartford Arts Network (DAN) is an inclusive arts and culture network for those in, around and connected to the Borough of Dartford. Our aims and activities are:
  • To engage as many of the people of Dartford in creative activities as possible, as frequently as possible
  • In pursuit of this to organise, and seek funding support for; public events with a strong arts theme / exhibitions of members’ work / public art installations
  • To enhance the reputation of Dartford as an arts destination and creative community
  • Similarly, to improve quality of life and wellbeing in Dartford through engagement in, and benefit from the impact of, the arts
  • To maximise this by reaching out to all local artists and growing the capability and diversity of DAN
  • To influence planning and policy decisions made locally which affect, in particular, the visual environment or the role of the arts in the local economy
  • Where appropriate to pursue the above by forming alliances with other arts organisations in the region around Dartford.


Dartford Arts Network was founded by various people in Dartford, including painters, sculptors, sonic artists, designers, illustrators, curators, social media consultants, media, photographers and educators.


Some examples of members work….