DAN Aims & Strategy

At Dartford Arts Network, we aim to make art accessible and understandable for all. 

For many, the idea of art can be daunting, something they know nothing about or ‘can’t do.’ Others may even view it as unnecessary and frivolous, putting it to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to time and money.

We want to challenge those views by simplifying what art is. Art is communication, and if the epic year of 2020 taught us anything, communication is vital.

We consume art in ways that are now so innate that we barely notice we’re doing it. Where would we have been without music, films, comedy, and books? TV, the internet, radio, computers, phones, and tablets are all just as essential as vehicles for communicating ideas as theatres and galleries. They all help us connect and understand one another.

At DAN, we celebrate this by bringing like minded people together and connecting over our shared love of art in all its guises. Whether you’re a doer, maker, thinker, or feeler, you are an artist and a vital part of the conversation.

So, by working together on community-based projects that showcase the art happening in Dartford, we champion that the arts are not a luxury; they are necessary for our well being.