2018 Pop-Up Events

Looking at the forecast on Saturday night we were already feeling beaten by the weather as heavy rain clouds covered the screen for Sunday’s projection. But by the morning of Ingress Family Fun Day, as we got up and started preparing for a soaking, the wind had changed and the weather began to smile on us. It was even vaguely sunny! As we arrived at the site, a beautiful green space outside the impressive Ingress Abbey, we let our hopes be lifted and set up for what became a delightful afternoon of community fun and artistic collaboration.

As with all our pop-ups this summer, the land art has been exceptionally appealing to the general public. With no cost attached and no specific technical skill required, people were keen to have a go. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your imagination guide you, with no pressure or expectation – just to enjoy yourself! Children are always happy to join in, but adults are often more reluctant, the boundless confidence of children has been replaced with ‘I’m not arty’. But the grown-ups were soon getting stuck in too, drawn by seeing the beautiful effects which can be made from the simple placement of natural materials. Geometric shapes, curves, circles, mandalas, towers, piles; everyone had their own style. Some went far along the floor, others stayed in one small areas and built up. The endless possibilities allowed for each person to express themselves creatively.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, and please do come and join us for some more Land Art

Bridge Community Day this Sunday 19th August / 1pm-5pm / Brunel Way / Inspiration Academy

    All photographs (c) Kate Withstandley Photography. Contact hello@dartfordartsnetwork.com for copies of images.

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