I studied accounting at a university and have worked in both private and public companies, but since I was a child I have always been most interested in the arts. In my free time, I paint, and produce a range of artistic and graphic works.

Some of the many techniques I use are;

Painting on fabric
Painting with color pencil,
Watercolor, oil paint, acrylic
Gouache, aculine, ink, oil pastel, soft pastel, pencil and charcoal

I have an international painting certificate and experience in teaching art to both children and adults.

I have also worked as a children’s theatre actor, which was very enjoyable. I have two daughters and love working with children, helping them to develop their art and express themselves.

As well as working in the visual arts, I also design fruits for parties and events, work on interior design, make fantasy dolls, dabble in photography from time to time and I am interested in the process of papier mache. I am a member of the Rugs Weavers Union and spend some of my time weaving Persian rugs.



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